Behind the brand



Founder and product designer Megan, began riding at the age of 5 and loaned numerous ponies until the age of 15, when she became the owner of a 3 year old mare to break in and produce. The process through its ups and downs became a huge learning curve for them both, which would later spark the inspiration and passion to develop the brand Marieli Equestrian, launched November 2020.
Marieli Equestrian Equine Diary Megan Equestrian Equine
“As I grew older and became more responsible for my own horses, I began to realise the importance of documenting their care routine, noticeable changes in behaviour and any hints and tips given to me by professionals. Experiences over the last 8 years have driven me to create a product not only I needed but the equine world needed. I had become so distracted by the noise of worries and fears of things going wrong with my horse I lost sight of my dreams and aspirations, hence this diary is a product of everything I needed during that time. Having this diary has taken the weight off, I have taken back control and regained the love, enjoyment and focus. Who would have thought a little A5 diary would have such an impact on the life of me and my half tonne 16hh horse…”